The Paralympics: Tennis and Abstraction

[Picture description: The large, circular form represents the wheel of the wheelchair, above this is a small circular black tennis ball hangs suspended in space, with the tennis racquet poised to smash the ball across the net]

Today blog is honoring Murray’s appearance in the Wimbledon Men’s Final, I am following the theme of tennis, by posting this Gary Hume’s poster.  Also, this post is a part of my paralympics poster series, first post can be found here: the Inspirational Tracey Emin’s poster.

Hume’s poster is considerable more abstract than Emin, therefore its open to the viewer to interpret the image.  The official blurb goes: Hume has abstracted elements from an image of a wheelchair- tennis player, combining them with foliage and a soft and subtle colour palette.  Yet, this is entirely subjective painting, but how does this image relate to the paralympics? Once context or explanation is given, we can picture it.